Spots Meets World

"Gay Leopard" ~Everyone
In The First Scene, Jazzy is Trying to Take a Shower until Buddy Scares Her and ask her to make Paper Snowflakes.Then, Buddy Came Back to Spots and Tiger Talking about the Beaver.Spots asks Buddy "Where is Jazzy?" and Jazzy Shouts "I am Right Her!". After That She starts cursing at Buddy for pissing her off and getting all wet,While she fussing at Buddy,Spots whispers to Tiger,Talking about someone dress up as Laa Laa for Halloween and He screams and bust out laughing.Tiger hits him and calls him Gay Leopard,Spots the whispers to Buddy and said Yolo and then he whispers again to Tiger Say the same thing and She walks off saying "I need Some Bleach" and Buddy and Spots starts saying Yolo,Then, Jazzy Shouts Yo Yo the record scratch in the background and Spots is confused saying "Yo Yo?" and Walks off to Candy,Blue and Chocolate as Candy's Mom is telling to do her homework but She ignores her.But then shouts "SHUT UP!" at Blue.Telling Him to stop acting like a big baby and asked Spots to Help Him while Candy was talking over him and Robin who made a cameo talking about the episode "Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye" and tells Spots to drink 10 gallons of bleach but he said he did drink 100 gallons of Bleach and be in the Greatest Book of Records and Asks "Where is The Webkinz Courthouse?" and Robin Replies "Go Straight" and talks to herself while Spots is gone saying "He should drink more bleach than 10 or 100".And Bot shows up in a Black Chair and fussing about why Spots is being called Gay Leopard and asks to see the hotel manger and see Harambe and hugs him and tells him to bring down the cat with the grey boots and ripples to him but all along it was a dream and tells him everyone was in his Story.


This is Umipuppets Last Appearance

Jazzy and Buddy were do the famous shower scene from Physco

This was plan out to be a TeleWebkinz Episode

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